Juka Crasoves (Juka)
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    Hi My Name is LieOmi, A Gamer Cosplayer from Philippines I've been in Cosplay Industries for 5 years now and Hopefully there will be More Years to come ! You Can Check Out my Cosplay Page: Facebook.com/LieOmiGameCos
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    Hi !! My name is Ignacio >.> I'm cosplayer from Chile! Nice to meet you! ^-^ facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ndeshikomint.3/
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    I'm a photographer. As you can see all of great cosplayers I shot are not me but this website make me check as a cosplayer when I upload my pictures, sorry! Thank you for seeing my pictures and giving me compliment.
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    HI =D i'm Bruna Crona and i'm cosplayer since 2005! I hope you like my cosplays *-* My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/cronateachcosplay/ <3
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    Brazilian photographer since 2010 with expertise in communication and psychology to better pursue a creative context in your photographs.
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    コスプレを見る 素晴らしい