I'm a young cosplayer who has the passion for Disney. They are also graphic artist, model, actor and singer. I love to draw (explains the passion for Disney) and in the meantime I am delighted with the cosplay, wonderful art. I'm trying to accomplish all the Disney Princes Cosplay and also someone else;).below my facebook page for those interested in my work :)
  • Gender Male
  • CountryRepubblica Italiana
  • Lola Brum
  • Rosali Cosplay
  • Loweena
  • Aishiteru Cosplay
  • Auris
  • Galaxy Fenis
  • Darth Kaoru
  • Rezhawa
  • Princess ValeChan
  • Serena Charlotte
  • kaoru
  • Grece K.
  • Beast
  • faustisia :)
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