Lily (Abigail)
Changes are inevitable you will gradually ceasing to listen to certain songs, to wear certain clothes, talking to certain people. Change is part of the life cycle, although this essence is always the same. When you find a big obstacle in life, do not be discouraged to go because over time it had become small. Not because decreased, but because you've grown!
  • WorldCosplay No.143593
  • NicknameLily
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionAruba
  • Tocchi
  • reika2011
  • 紅月司
  • 繭
  • Grasie
  • PhoenixLily
  • Babi Sparrow
  • Vinck
  • Aria Hellflare
  • Sol Gremory
  • Viviss Qnk
  • Sasha Risu
  • Viviss Qnk
  • Jessi Chan
  • Constantine B2
  • Saki
  • Shieru
  • ハッピーライフ