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  • South Korea
    Welcome to my worldcosplay I am Hyeol Hyang Hwa I come from Korea,and I like cosplay very much. 블로그 - http://blog.naver.com/dkfk0502 cure - http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=258848
  • Australia
    新浪微博在这边--- http://www.weibo.com/u/1919788450 ---Sina Weibo
  • China
    cosplay lover~i like do things about cosplay by myself~ QAQ懒人一枚。服装道具化妆后期皆在修行中~东方project、机娘、剑三中毒中~>3<~ clamp、key社作品一生推! 小松です~日本語勉強中です~
  • China
    cn:雨狸 nickname:saka 大家好这边是妖都的一枚半吊子coser~最满意的东西不知为何基本是冷门,请多指教>_< *2013年基本都会专注于RWBY / I focus on RWBY 2013. Living and studying in Netherlands now :D 微博:http://weibo.com/sakacastle cure:http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=342872
  • China
    weibo :http://weibo.com/kurolace
  • China
    我是一只树懒 EMAIL 2324818794@qq.com  WB http://weibo.com/2435743535/profile?topnav=1&wvr=5&user=1 欢迎交流~ Favorite anime → 《Hunter X Hunter》《jojo》《Zone-00》 欧美圈~ 抖森 384 法鲨 =L=
  • Hong Kong
    大家好~這裡是浅葉みぼ  皆さんこんにちわ!こちは浅葉みぼです! a hongkong cosplayer   ホンコンのCOSPLAYERです~ 希望你們喜歡我的cosplay照片  皆さんが私の写真を気に入ってほしいな~ 以後煩請多多關照  これからどうぞよろしくお願いいたします Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/kellylst1994 Skype: kellylst994 Weibo: 涼粉---不可食用 http://weibo.com/kellylst1994 Facebook fans page: https://www.facebook.com/miboasaba
  • Malaysia
    hi i am shinji takumi from msia ~ still new in cosplay ~sharing my photo here
  • China
    这里是莲华~TVT 终于鼓起勇气来这边渣图了。。。TVT 有什么不足的地方请多指教!! hi~you can call me LIANHUA~ love:shamanking|DRRRR|DGM|DM|CLAMP|V+ and etc.... want be friend with you~ THANKS!!☆~ weibo:http://weibo.com/u/1291134582 ps:my ENGLISHI is poor,sorry...TVT
  • China
    人已回到UK, 暑假拍摄的图会慢慢上传上来>w< 欢迎同好来微博或者脸书交流~邮件也是可以的哦 Welcome to talk with me by social network or e-mail bellow ------------------------------------ weibo:http://weibo.com/yidutangjie facebook:http://www.facebook.com/lilysoup lofter:http://yidutangjie.lofter.com/ e-mail:lilysoup@hotmail.com
  • Malaysia
    Hello, nice to meet you all ^^ I'm Ruby (Jasmine) from Malaysia. Follow me if you like my cosplay :D ❤ Jasmine Lee 李欣昀 ❤ CN: Ruby //Jasmine 红露 http://www.facebook.com/ruby.cristierra http://witchcraft997.deviantart.com/ http://worldcosplay.net/member/akainoruby/ http://ample-cosplay.com/?u=0000006301 http://bcy.net/cn107444 Cure No. 350108
  • Mao
    マオです。ルーキーですけど、よろしくお願いします。( ・ω・)ノ☆ Just another hobby of mine. Why cosplay?: because it's fun to be somebody else for a short while. 可称我阿喵,多多指教。 为何Cosplay?: 自我满足。娱乐为主。快乐知足。 Twitter: ruromao FB: Ah Miao
  • Singapore
    http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1440388182 (Facebook, feel free to add~!) https://www.facebook.com/Max.Cosplays (Cosplay Page 8D) http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=239770 (Cure account)
  • zoe
    活在ps下的小透明coser√【道具技能get中,深陷欧美圈无法自拔,并不是写手但是心血来潮会开脑洞【x 微博:http://weibo.com/ff3271
  • Russia
    my twitter https://twitter.com/PerePerevinkl vkontakte http://vk.com/perevinkl instagram http://instagram.com/perevinkl facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007165862301 http://perevinkl.deviantart.com/ http://www.cosplay.com/member/327390/
  • Russia
    http://vk.com/naru_vika http://instagram.com/naruko_18 http://sprashivai.ru/Naruko_Uzumaki https://twitter.com/NarukoVika http://ask.fm/narukovika