Emanuela, 16 years old, Brazilian, I Love Uchiha Sasuke, I'm addicted to animes and mangas, eventually formed in oncology, SasuHina is my life. Well, actually, I'm not a totally sweet person. I'm very boring, annoying and spoiled. I like to have everything I want in my hands, and I hate when someone contradicts me. I'm Ficwriter, SasuHina Shipper, Brazilian Girl, SONE and tourism student.
  • Gender Female
  • CountryRepública Federativa do Brasil
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  • Mengura
  • saraiva
  • Raissa Bichofe
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  • Loki Solrak
  • Thuany Rodrigues
  • Rafael Uchiha Lino
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  • Raissa Bichofe
  • 紅月司
  • Thuany Rodrigues
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