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Mory-chan (Dark Moon)
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  • Russia
  • Italy
    Hi there! I'm Dakun, also known as Kazuya or Ukechan Cosplay brings me so many special+unforgettable feelings! Please, take this journey with me and i'll be very grateful ♥ ◊Facebook page: ◊DeviantART profile: ◊Instagram profile:
  • Mexico
    Hello~! I am a Cosplayer from Mexico living in Canada. It's nice to meet you! Hola~! Soy un cosplayer Mexicano viviendo en Canada. Es un placer conocerlos! ❤REBORN ❤PSYCHO-PASS ❤Evangelion ❤Nitro+Chiral ❤弱虫ペダル [ENG/ESP] facebook: twitter/instagram: @Leaf_cos (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
  • Brazil
    Im Kyuna, thanks for visit! =D
  • Philippines
    Hi minna~ My name is Haru Willner M. Alviz, my Hobby is Playing Basketball and Cosplaying <3 I started cosplaying since March 2014 and I Cosplay for fun... ^^ Thanks for viewing my Profile and Pictures~ FB feel free to add me ^^ and Visit My FB Page if you want to =w= ^^
  • Philippines
    I am Jovit Ryan Lucero.. a cosplayer from Philippines. I love Cosplaying because it makes me happy. I am a manga lover, also an Otaku.. I am friendly and i am enjoying Cosplay ^_^ Konichiwa Everybody... Facebook : twitter : @jovitryan4713
  • United States
    ♚ Facebook: ♛ Instagram: @momo.minami 大家好~ 這邊是香港Cosplayer小杏!請大家多多指教~ Hey Everyone! My name is Momo, and I'm a Hong Kong cosplayer who recently moved to America. Welcome to my profile. :]
  • Canada
    Hello~ Welcome to my cosplay account. I'm a Canadian cosplayer from the Toronto area! I specialize in blonde douchebags and blonde douchebag accessories~ Facebook (more updates!):
  • China
    FUMI :
  • Hong Kong
    ❁いっさくねんを始まる。 はじめまして!さやと申します♪ ヘタリア/刀剣乱舞/歌い手/実況主も大好きです、よろしくお願いします。
  • Japan
    O You Thanks for coming to play on my page (^ - ^) o I love anime It is nice to us and look at the pictures and enjoy You think it's very nice when you're friends with everyone Comments give me more, we are grateful always Thank you for coming to visit this page I want to cosplay and everyone to go to various countries Facebook:
  • Japan
    Hello everyone, I'm Toriko Minamino from Nara, Japan ;) I'm looking forward to making new friends here... especially who likes "Hetalia"!!! I use to live in Chicago, Illinois. Therefore please feel free to talk to me in English;) (If you are able to understand, using Japanese is also good for me) ---------------------------- *I like... Hetalia Tiger&Bunny Love Live! My hero academia Photographs Skating Traveling Watching soccer games ...and more!
  • China
    cn:卷卷 新浪微博@卷卷_curly
  • Japan
    I am a Japanese cosplayer It's nice to meet you all ダンガンロンパシリーズ大好きなコスプレイヤーです 東京、神奈川で主に活動中 ダンガンロンパ1、2、絶対絶望少女プレイ済み 好き ダンガンロンパシリーズ/まどマギ/劇団イヌカレー
  • Brazil
    Cosplayer since 2006. I live in Porto Alegre -RS Brazil Im trying upgrade my abilities as cosplayer because its something i truely love. I will work hard! Thankyou for your visit. My facebook account: (soon i will be creating a page on facebook for my cosplays)
  • Czech Republic
    Hello ^^ I'm Exfool and I come from Czech rebublic. I do cosplay just for fun~. facebook: