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    Hello, I'm a cosplayer from Malaysia I AM Jay Chai, CN: Xtai Neko Cosplay or Cosplay? <3 Wish To Improve Myself No Matter What =) Nyan :3 Start my cosplay journey since 2012 December =) More on merchandise now days but still cosplaying ^^ Have a nice day xD Enjoy my cosplay and thanks for the views xD any suggestion and comments, do not hesitate to find me through facebook ὠ9 Facebook: WeChat: JaySoreNekoDesu Insta: JAYCHAISYNYII
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    Korean coser twitter - @k_kyeonghyun
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    Hello Guys! (ಥ⌣ಥ) I'm from Germany and I love Cosplaying! My favorite Animes are Shingeki no Kyojin, Gintama, Sengoku Basara. And more. (•̪┌┐•̪) ☆ 【facebook】: ☆ 【tumblr】: ☆ 【youtube】:
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    Hi! I am Chibi, a cosplayer from Germany. Glad to meet you <3 If you like my stuff, feel free to add and/or contact me at: Facebook: Instagram:
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    Hello Nice to meet you. ( Chinese Cosplayer >< ) ❤ CureNo:311743 ❤ WeiBo(Cn)
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    I'm a coser in China,you can call me mumu or Eva I am happy that friends increase in number!(* ̄▽ ̄*) Nice to meet you~❤ 標籤是ACG,BJD娃妈,COS,抖M,重口味 CN是玖澤,稱呼為木木=WWW= 重度密集恐懼癥強迫癥, 最愛由貴香織裡,九条清~///▽ ●weibo: ●cure: ●Face book: ●instagram: eeeeevac ⊙v⊙
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    Jjojjo active in Korea and I'm Costumes Cartoon, games, disney, pixar like animation I love overwatch ♡ Please do not steal my photos. :(
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    ♥ FACEBOOK ♥ If you watched me in Deviantart, please you confirm me in a comment ;_; I wish watch every cosplayer but I can not always see all watchs. Thank you for understand. ♥ DEVIANTART ♥ ♥ YOUTUBE ♥
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    (*/ω\*) 私はkei 中国から来ました みなさんよろしく o(*////▽////*)q I'm Kei ~ From China —————————————————— 比较懒散,想起来会更新一下_(:зゝ∠)_ Cure No.252954 SINA WEIBO:
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    我來自香港的COSPLAYER灣灣 1827本命喔(blush) 喜歡:Gosick,love live,RB,Vocaloid,戰國無雙,k-on,sao~~!!yo~~~~~ 多多指教0_< I am a cosplayer that come from HK favourite: Gosick,love live,RB,Vocaloid,戰國無雙,k-on~~!! -------------------------------------- Skype:yawi_mm Plurk:yawi27 cosplay page :