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    ♔ ℳelιɴdα ▴ German ▴ 10-Apr-1999 ✄ Cosplayer - Photographer - Artist Hello! I'm Melinda alias APRICOT. I'm a cosplayer since 2012. I'm currently in High School and try to fight my way through it. I'm of Russian origin. I'm mainly focusing on videogame and cartoon costumes. ☆ L i n k s 》 》 instagram: @apricot.cosplay 》 tumblr: 》 facebook: 》 animexx:
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    Hey guys, I am a photographer (and heavy photoshop user) from Singapore. My punchline is "I am just a noob"... don't mind me, my works are still far from the true masters, and it drives me to be better. Cheers! Web : FB :,
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    Hello^^ ,i'm Snuggle nice to meet you all I hope to meet cosplayer/anime lovers all around the world then feel free to talk with me <3<3 ►ask ►Facebook Page : Thank you for visiting my page very much >.< I'm EXTREMELY LOVE DR/SDR2/DR0 /Final Fantasy series /Kingdom Hearts and Fate/series<3<3 I'm very very welcome everyone who love this game witn big hug <3<3
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    AmyBleu, French Cosplayer ~ I Love Cosplay, Drawing and Anime :3 I'm 16 yers Old ~ I hope you like my Work \^o^/ Facebook page ~ > Tumblr ~ >
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    French: YO Je suis Agil, et je débute tout juste dans le cosplay grâce a ma copine qui m'a lancer dedans >w< Je trouve ce monde remplie de merveille et je m'y sens bien, je bosse en ce moment même sur pas mal de projet que j'espère mettre en œuvre ici des que sa sera possible >^< English: hi im agil french cosplayer i discovered cosplay with my girlfriend an i love it *^* i hope my cosplay you will like >^< Facebook:
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    RICO(りこ)です。 Love*ダンガンロンパ,FF、KH,RWBY,Pokemon,逆転裁判,刀語,テイルズ,ガンダムビルドファイターズetc… twitter*
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    × STUDENT-HISTORIAN × LIKES ❤: coffee, tea, cakes, music, anime, manga, video games, my friends and maybe you DISLIKES ✘: early mornings and bitchy vegas Twitter -
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    大家好,我叫做日天。很高興有這個平台與大家交流以及分享COS的作品,請大家多多指教^^" FB:
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    我是銀音,請多多指教!!!>W< 銀音です〜どうぞよろしくお願いします! Hi! My name is HYOKA. I am a cosplayer from Hong Kong, コノミ: *完全な正太控です〜 *刀剣乱舞:鶴丸国永/蛍丸/一期一振/明石国行推し *金木研(白と黒と琲世も好きだそ!) *ハイキュー!!日向翔陽最高!!〜 *夢100:ヒナタ/デネブ/チェシャ猫 *VOCALOID:レンちゃんとGUMI *陽炎プロジェクト *Danganronpa Facebook: Cure:341999
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    鯨魚 / Whale / ちゆ ----- Facebook / PLURK / 半次元 / Photo / ----- *ヘタリア/アイマス(765+CG+ML+SideM) *あずさ/輝子&Passion組/茜&可奈/次郎担当プロデューサー ----- (o´・ω・`)σ Thank you for your like!
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    Hi, I'm Faebo ~ I love watching anime, playing lotsa games, and cosplaying! (≧∇≦) This is my official WorldCosplay page: Faebo. I'd really appreciate it if you'd visit, like, and follow my other pages too! Facebook: Instagram: DeviantArt:
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    I love manga and anime. I put passion in my cosplay and i hope you follow me. °w°💙
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    Oh yeah~
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    Facebook: ASK: cure: 微薄/weibo(中国語ですみません) 【刀剣乱舞】 明石国行X萤丸コス動画 【K猿美中心】【コス本通販①LAST SMILE】 【K猿美】COS向part2_中学时期 【ダンガンロンパ2_COS】「PV」狛枝凪斗 動画