Alex Nakamuri (Alexander Beyale)
United States
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Hello, my name is Alex or you can call me Starwind
I'm originally an artist of many digital areas but for the most part, an anime inspired artist
Well rounded in many areas and cosplay is one
Not much of a cosplay maker but I enjoy being in cosplay
Its all about having fun and enjoy with other people and friends
Nice to meet you and hope you enjoy whenever I can get cosplay pics
  • NicknameAlex Nakamuri
  • Gender Male
  • CountryUnited States of America
  • 毛毛
  • MIKA
  • meu_co0301
  • Kamuichii
  • EKI★
  • SIN-sia
  • Chiken
  • Kuze
  • Yuuma
  • *~ Koyuki ~*
  • gothech
  • E子
  • Mary Alfaro
  • Nadaviana
  • Kuze
  • Yuuma
  • Yeong
  • Meong \(^o^)/
  • Airi  Kashiwagi