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Anson Chiu (SoyAnson)
Ohaiyo & Yoroshiku, Minna-san
Here is Anson Chiu, from SoyA (Soy Sauce- Anson) Photoduction
I'm a photography Hobbyist, and not a Photoshop-er
I do my majority of editing in Lightroom, and photoshop is used for touch-up on the minority parts.
Here is my FB page, please have a support on my messy works Y(^W^)Y
  • NicknameAnson Chiu
  • Gender Male
  • CountryMalaysia
  • 瑩
  • Ayako Hoshino
  • luffylam
  • 松川 敦子
  • KennTee
  • Shiro Ang
  • Antarnis
  • kellyhilltone
  • Witchiko
  • 阿酱***Ah jiang
  • Eric Takashi Yukino
  • Mandy
  • Matsuo Ryuka
  • Kamiyoshi
  • Candy
  • 芽芽Megumi
  • 可乐酱子
  • 雨宮月 Amamiya Tsuki