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    Simple cosplayer, glad he does. my twitter https://twitter.com/Setssuka fan page https://www.facebook.com/Setssuka
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    Hi! Hi! I'm Gilgamesh but you can call me Gilga! I love the Cosplay World and I'm passionate a few years ago, also I started now to realize clothes and stuff. I hope to try the best for my self and for others. I hope you like my cosplay and if you want please leave a comment!" PAGE COSPLAY: https://www.facebook.com/Gilgamesh-Cosplay-1416863815264220/?ref=hl
  • United States
    Hello, my name is Samantha and I'm a cosplayer from the Midwest of the United States. I have been cosplaying since 1999. ★ http://www.angelicdream.com ★ https://www.facebook.com/angelicdream.cosplay ★ http://angelsamui.deviantart.com/
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    I am Tsukino (´・3 ・)ノシ Cosplayer from Concepcion-chile * `★・*☆` ・☪☽°☆・°:** `★・*☆` ・☪☽°☆・ *☆`* `★・*☆` ・☪☽°☆・°:** `★・*☆` ・☪☽°☆ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tsukino-cosplay/502256696547552?fref=ts instagram: Tsukino19
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    I have been making cosplays for four years, and since then I have been trying my best and working hard on each cosplay in order to make them perfect... Cosplay is the best hobby I could choose, I love it! Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/bellandom
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    A cosplayer straight from the central US. I love cosplaying and meeting other creative costumers. If you wanna learn more about me feel free to check out the links below! Facebook ~~ http://www.facebook.com/Kagzilla DeviantArt ~~ http://kagzchan.deviantart.com/
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    I'm a cool girl with a lots of expectations about life, I like all kind of things, sports, music, movies and other things~ just enjoy yourself and be happy with me!! My fandoms: ► Beatmania IIDX ► gundam ♥ ► Mawaru Penguin Drum ► Sengoku Basara ► Young Justice ► Homestuck ( by heart) ► Regular Show ► Teahouse ► Pop n' music ► Neils & Pals ► Persona ► Touhou ► Star Driver Ore no GANDAMU ga Konnani BAKA Wake ga Nai!!!
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    アーカイブにも同名でいます。多少つぶやきなど速いかもしれなかったりしなかったり。 最近年齢と体力も追いつかなくなってきましたがやれるところまでは楽しむつもりですので、ジャンルや好きキャラなどかぶるところがありましたら仲良くしてやってください。 衣装や小道具などの譲渡や代理製作などはできませんので(オフラインで親交のある友人のみ行う場合もありますが)、そういったお問い合わせはご遠慮ください。 …といいますか、他の方にお譲りするようなレベルの出来でもありません。 ■2013年の目標→「イベントに行く」(低すぎるハードル) というわけで2014年中にやりたいコス↓ 「戦国無双4」竹中半兵衛 合わせしてくださる方募集してます〜 【2013秋〜司馬家あわせにつきあって下さる方大募集。】
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    腐女子の沼レイヤーです。 しょっちゅう都内イベントに参加してるので、見掛けたら仲良くして下さいm(__)m 復活の骸・種・種運命を中心に色々雑食に手を出してますので好きなものが被ったらお気軽に声かけて下さい(^^) V系コスにもちょこっと手を出してますm(__)m
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    I got into cosplay in 2003, and cosplay photography in 2009. I love how I have never been bored once since I got into this hobby. It has led me to meet such good friends and have so much more fun in my life. Website - www.fallingfeathers.net Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/FallingFeathers.net
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    日本とオーストリアのハーフです~ I'm a Japanese/Austrian cosplayer~ テイルズシリーズ大好きです!!!\(^o^ )/ I love the Tales-Series!!! ^w^ その他 / I also like: ※ God Eater ※ Devil Survivor ※ .Hack ※ Kyoto Animation (KnK, Free!, Chuu2) 今作っている衣装に興味ある方はフェイスブックもチェックしてね! フェイスブックページはこちら: If you're interested in what cosplays I'm working on right now, check out my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elena-Chan-Cosplay/227572894105765 Cure No. 380697
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    I am an American Cosplayer living in IRELAND XD so yeah i stick to irish cons but i will be around other european cons i hope :) i have been to 1 american con so far but nothing big :) i should be around all the Irish Cons this yr! Cosplay is Art ~ps, DBZ FOREVER <3
  • Germany
    Hey Guys, I'm Ava and I'm a crazy Girl from Germany (Born in Iran). My passion is Cosplay. I Cosplay since many years and now decided to show my works here. Hope you like them ^_^ Beside I sew nearly everything by myself! ♣ Facebook ♣ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ava-Chan/155814087912793?fref=ts ♣ Blog ♣ https://avasfreakyworld.wordpress.com/ ♣Instagram ♣ http://instagram.com/black_angel_ava ♣ Youtube ♣ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCErpHhHcarJhLWHNtUYMm9w