Gabe (Gabriella Alencar)
Well, am still a beginner cosplayer, since the nine years I always wanted to dress up as cartoon characters and games. My mother helps me a lot on the subject of clothing and accessories, and hates the idea of ​​buying wigs-q She says two is enough for 300 cosplays I have in mind, so I always give my way to buy wigs and lenses without they reimburse.

That's it, end up talking more, sorry XuX
  • WorldCosplay No.109924
  • NicknameGabe
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionRepública Federativa do Brasil
  • reika2011
  • ちーの
  • 阿肝
  • netsun
  • Mon❥小夢夢
  • Sakura chan
  • 紅月司
  • 妖籽
  • Shiroi Neko
  • Witchiko
  • Miiojo
  • Spazzykittiez
  • Souu.
  • Jessi Chan
  • 永崎遼
  • Steeve Olivera
  • Jerica
  • netsun
  • Sakura chan
  • Kuroi Sakura
  • なっち(nacchi)
  • Yesica
  • Kure Mah