Seiz x Heyleydia (Seiz x Heyleydia)
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    だい好き VOCALOIDS ・ω・(私は)アニメを見るのが大好きだ。 >‿‿◕ あなたは美しいです 皆 (^•^) I do cosplay makeup!
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    Hello,I am leopard cat.
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    Hi!! :3 Thanks for viewing! I've been cosplaying for about a year now so I guess I'm still somewhat of a newbie. Feel free to talk to me! I'm a bit shy but I love meeting new people and making friends! :D Upcoming cosplays!: Hatsune Miku (Tell Your World and Kuroha Neko (Brynhildr in the Darkness) Facebook Page: Cosplay Partner's Account!:
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    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all ~ 18 year old european cosplayer, since November 2013. I don't think I'm really good to be honest. Still, I hope you enjoy what I do! 【Facebook Page】: Hotaru Cosplay | 【Instagram】: hotarucosplay | 【Youtube】: hotarucosplay | 【Ask】: |
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    Hello I'm Shion (maymeow) #テルメ I love anime I love cosplay ★ 【World Cosplay】❥ 【twitter】❥
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