Valetz (Ryu Lain)
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    Hi~~Im Guazi from Malaysia~ I am a newbie in Cosplay Hope guys can support me ~~ (。・∀・)ノ゙嗨~我是瓜子~来自马来西亚~ 我是个新手~ 希望大家可以支持我·~ Guys can add me or follow me at facebook~~~ Name: Lucyilfer Guazi
  • Italy
    Italian cosplayer ^-^ Love anime, manga, Japan, music, drawing and CATS! *w* This is my Facebook profile: And my cosplay page: Hope to enjoy it! *-*
  • Russia
    Artist // Photographer // Cosplayer // Kentarou Miura's BERSERK Fan // DIR EN GREY Fan In cosplay since 2009. _______________________________________________ DeviantART ● CosCom ● Instagram ● Facebook ● Youtube ● ●
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  • Hungary
    Amateur cosplayer from Hungary.:)
  • Mexico
    Hello everyone! My name is Yeraid. I love Cosplay and Anime. I am cosplayer and Mexican cosmaker from 9 years. I am a student of Informatic. I hope that my work and photos are to your liking. ñ.ñ WELCOME!! My Pages: Facebook Page: Deviantart:
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  • Thailand
    Hi~ I'm Kisachan from Thailand. ^^ I love Cosplay, Anime! and crazy about BL!! ♡♡ I also drawing Fanart and Manga on Pixiv!! Hope you enjoy my work >w<~ and please follow me if you like ♡♡♡ Facebook: (Kisachan Ren) Pixiv:
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  • Ivy
    介里是一枚从二次元的世界里穿越过来的小仙女(划掉)本命是一米六的兵长诶(捂后颈) Ivy中文艾维 圈名梵鸽 也可称啊鸽,啊梵 喜欢的小伙伴们互关啊
  • Mexico
    Hello we are Arte Mictlan , Mexico cosplay photo studio
  • Malaysia
    こんにちは,私はマレーシアからのcosplayerです 全世界の各国の友達,どうぞご指導下さい Hello guys , I am Taichi from Malaysia cosplayer Minna san please advices (*ゝω・*)ノ ♥ FB Page :太一君-1669493986596344/
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