Valetz (Ryu Lain)
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    Hello!! My name is Hunter, I am a beginner cosplayer and I love to see others' cosplay. First of all, if you came here to see my cosplays and such thank you, but you will be disappointed, unfortanately I am too young to work which means I currently don't have the money to start, in the future I plan to cosplay though! Fandoms: Fairy Tail Durarara!! Soul Eater Black Butler Tokyo Ghoul Percy Jackson Gravity Falls There are many more, these are only just a few that I can think of
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    Hello Iam neo_ega , friends call me ega. Arigatou to see my profile ^-^ Iam from Indonesia Male , 29 years old Blood Type B+ I life in East Java Island Indonesia, and from small town small village I love about fotograph and imagine , but iam a amateur fotograph so at this website i try to create my imagine , and apreciate all off yours works, we can sharing each others. Arigatou FB : neo_ega Instagram : neo_ega
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    Italian cosplayer ^-^ Love anime, manga, Japan, music, drawing and CATS! *w* This is my Facebook profile: And my cosplay page: Hope to enjoy it! *-*
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    A-r-r-r! ~
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    stupid persona
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    I hope You like my work (╯3╰) Instagram: Facebook: (Our Group Page with Harustr)
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    My instagram: kristina394__ Hi! I'm a beginner cosplayer from Slovakia (you can already see that, I don't even know why I'm writing it again...) who'd like your support as fellow cosplayers 😊 Hope you'll like my cosplays!😊