Suninha (Kaede Chan)
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    <3 Welcome friends! <3 I'm Pokii! ~~ 19y ~~ Instagram: @pokii_br and @bunny_pokii Facebook page: See ya <3
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    Hi! Nathi (Natasha) Morais.
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    Hello :) My page:
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    Chris Twellmann is an „Abraham Ford“ Cosplayer. He lives in Germany and started cosplaying Abraham after someone posted pictures of him and Michael Cudlitz in the largest Facebook TWD Fanpage in Germany. His first convention was a small horror convention in Germany, followed by conventions which featured him in Europe and the US. Cudlitz invited him to the WS Con in London in February 2016.
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    自然光でのロケを中心に撮影しています。 お気軽に仲良くしてやってください。 ■tumblr ■twitter ■mail camera1:5D mark III + Carl Zeiss camera2:LEICA M8 + Summicron 50mm/f2.0 1st Collapsible
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    Hello everyone! My name is Harumi and I hope you like my cosplays! > facebook page: > instagram:
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    Hey :) I'm a brazillian cosplayer since 2009 <3 I'm kindda new here so I'll put my photoshoots here and some original character stuff *-* Here is my page on facebook: Here is my public figure profile: On my facebook page I put my cosplayer work, my reviews of games etc etc On my public figure profile I put my model work and photoshoots /o/ Hope u enjoy <3
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    Welcome! 💖 Follow my facebook page: it's mine site: TKS! 💖
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    Hi everybody! My name is Bruno and i live in Rio de Janeiro! I'm 22 old. Welcome to my page, hope you like it! =D this is my page. It is still under construction =P
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    Hello guys =) My page cosplay : My DeviantArt: My twiiter My tumbr. <3 <3
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    I am Physical Education Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Cosplayer and amateur photographer. I'm a fan of anime, tokusatsu, comic, cartoon and J-Fashion. Cosplay is a fun hobby for me. Facebook Fanpage:
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    Hi everyone, welcome! I'm a beginner cosplayer, but a true lover of the hobby. Hope I can do my best to bring my favorite characters to life! (◡‿◡✿) instagram:
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    Ehi ehi~ I'm Elisa; Cosplayer since 2013❤ Hope you like my cosplays, and have fun >w</✧ -Instagram: -Tumblr: -Deviantart: -Fb: -Cosplay Amino: -Twitter: Ask me if u want✧✧✧
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    Hi! This is Liui! ^_^ If you're interested to know more about me, please visit my pages. Thanks! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Instagram: liui.aquino