Misa Yamazaki
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  • Brazil
    xFACEBOOKx https://www.facebook.com/ferduartecosplay?ref=hl xTUMBLRx http://worldof-glass.tumblr.com/ xINSTAGRAMx http://instagram.com/fefduarte/
  • Indonesia
    FaceBook : Rithza Sazami ( https://www.facebook.com/RithzaSazamii) Twitter : @RithzaSazami Sankyuuu for follow me :") Next Time I will be Cosplayer ^~^/
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  • Indonesia
    Twitter : @RithzaMizuki Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RithzaMizukii
  • Indonesia
    I'm Hanifluffy, Cosplayer from indonesia. you can call me Luffy
  • China
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  • Ecuador
    Hola!!! (*3*)/
  • United States
    I don't cosplay beacause I lack the skills, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying other people's cosplay. The cosplay I like is American comic book characters, manga and anime characters, sci fi characters and fantasy characters.
  • Thailand
    Nice to meet all of you. My name is Maho. I love manga and like to do cosplay. ^v^ I try to make everything myself, hope you like it.