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Mangoe (MangoeMilkTea)
United States
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  • United Kingdom
    Hello! My name is Tashii and I recently started cosplaying(: Hopefully, I can do many more cosplays in the future! I am studying Digital Design and Japanese ! My favourite cosplayer is Mikhail (MISHACOS)
  • HAL
  • China
    你好,我的CN是 星游酱,来自中国,是一个新手摄影,最喜欢四糸乃啦! 主要活动于广东省的广佛肇地区,一般活动于漫展,看到身上最多四糸乃的摄影就是我啦ww,喜欢看新番,看到喜欢的cos就会点赞和关注! 只会粤语和普通话,其他语言都不擅长,但我会尽量使用软件翻译交流的! sina: QQ:719828923
  • Switzerland
  • United States
    Hi! I'm a photographer from the USA. Nice to meet you! アメリカからフォトグラファーです。よろしくおねがいします!
  • Brazil
    Do a cosplay of a character is honor the serial altor. Also, I feel happy cosplaying a character I love so much... If you want to be my friend or something like that... Follow me! I have other networks too: *: ✧ ・゚ I'm Brazilian so if you want to find me... It will be a little difficult. Artwork made by muddymelly / Profile image by nranola
  • South Korea
  • JAY
    United States
  • United States
    I make anime inspired android applications.. Cosplay Applications... MyArt... I would be glad to work with any artist to help create a photo or art viewer of your own...
  • Costa Rica
    Hello Panditas :) <3 I'm so happy with all the pandas who share their love with me, thanks >////< εїз εїз εїз εїз εїз Hola Panditas <3 Muchas Gracias a todos los que me regalan un poco de su amor <3 εїз εїз εїз εїз εїз Bonjour Pandas <3 Merci beaucoup pour donner-moi amour <3 εїз εїз εїз εїз εїз
  • Slovakia
    Hello, babes! Welcome (°u°)/ (this fella here is a high-school student who enjoys changing their persona through dress-up and hopes to have their life figured out asap and live in Iceland and possibly Japan)
  • United States
    Ryn. Cosplayer. Female. Cats. ♥ Tumblr: ♥ Instagram: ♥ Facebook: ♥
  • China
  • Costa Rica
  • Philippines
    (ㅇㅅㅇ❀) Yume monster
  • Russia