Geetai (Geovana Costa)
  • Italy
    99% of ideas and actually 1% want to work lmao
  • Brazil
    Hi, I'm andy be amazing be happy be me :3
  • Yan
    FB: ASK: Plurk: 請多多指教:)))
  • Brazil
    Me nome é Thainara, mas pode me chamar de Thai >.< Amo ser cosplayer, não só por conseguir homenagear personagens que eu gosto bastante, mas também por amar cuidar de todo processo do cosplay, desde a fabricação até os últimos detalhes ! Ser cosplayer é incrível !!!!
  • Japan
    Thank you for you look! 色々まったりコスしてます。 アーカイブ
  • Brazil
    Hello people! My name is Alberto! Thank you for view my gallery Fabebook Page - Deviantart - xD
  • China
    Weibo【】 Twitter【】 Lofter【】
  • Russia
    Cosplayer from Russia.
  • United States
    Hi I'm Chrissy or as most of my cosplay friends know me as Lostdreamz! I'm a HUGE goof and will go to any expense even my own, to make my friends laugh! I love cosplaying and hope that ppl enjoy my cosplays too! My favorite cosplays are characters I can be my normal goofy self!
  • Japan
    黒執事と血界戦線が大好きです! I love Kuroshitsuji & Blood Blockade Battlefront! Archive HP: Twitter:@koh_kurokarasu
  • Hong Kong
    名:小素,SoSo,Soso-Chan I'm cosplayer from Hong Kong!nice to meet you all >< hope you love my cos ♥ ☆ 【Face Book】: ☆ 【Cure】: ☆ 【DeviantArt】 :
  • Japan
    Hello!! 飛沫と申します。 Twitter>> ARCHIVE>> Facebook>> よろしくお願いします(*`・ω・´)
  • Brazil
    I cosplay because I love this world and I want to be as close as possible of the characters that I love, I want people to believe that these characters are in front of them. I hope you like my cosplays. Thanks! FB page: DA: Instagram: My other art:
  • Russia
    Birthday: Feb 17th Blood Type: O (I) Height: 162 cm / 5' 4" Favourite style of clothing: ouji/aristocrat Interests: classic litterature, rococo, Victorian era, Pre-Raphaelites, impressionism, dandyism, ouji
  • Japan
    ☆Archive☆ ☆Cure☆ 菓南と申します! 日本の東京中心で活動してます!(*・ω・)ノ name:kanan From:Japan(Tokyo、Chiba)
  • Germany
    Hey ! My name is Rikku. Not my real name of course but after more then 5 years it sure seems like it. I wore my first cosplay on October 23th, 2009. I know that for sure because it was my 16th Birthday x3 By now I am 19 and I never lost the fun at cosplaying =D