Sebastiano81Cosplay (Sebastiano81)
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    🇲🇽 Blogger / Gamer / CostumePlayer ☆* 💖 LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 From Coahuila. México 💕 / I L♡ve #Game of Thrones , #Anime #Videogames & #HarryPotter ⭐️ Facebook Page: @AzuLing / Instagram : @azuliing Twitter: @azuliing
  • Mexico
    Energetic, childish, blunt, curious, fun-loving, witty, sassy, spunky, crybaby, lively & bubbly. ღ
  • Not set
    Hello, Everyone, I'm a positive thinker and sharp mind person. I have excellent communication and writing skills. I have written many books, some books were very popular. I love to play chess with friends.
  • Brazil
  • Thailand
    Hi! I'm Ya Kuza Gantz. Cosplayer from Thailand. . I can't login my old accout . Ready to exchange likes for ranking
  • United States
    I’m a nice fun and friendly person. I have good listening and communication skills. Apart from this, I love traveling and love to do some adventure things.
  • Indonesia
    Hello! Welcome to my profile. I'm Ria from Indonesia. Please do support me in world cosplay!
  • Japan
    好きな物を好きなだけ。 Twitter→@tetu291295
  • France
    Hi ! I'm french cosplayer for about 5 years. Nice to meet you Currently I am in Osaka for one year!!! ------------ Facebook : Twitter :
  • Colombia
    >_< nya hello, my name is yen. I'm from Venezuela and colombian I live in Barranquilla, and I enjoy making my costumes... Pleace follow in mi instagram @nyanve
  • Ukraine
    Hello! My name is Lola. Glad to meet you!) I am a cosplayer from Ukraine. I hope you enjoy my work) I love asia countries. I really want to travel) I like Korea, China, India and many other countries. But especially I love Japan! My hobby is dancing. And I draw and do crafts. I am a versatile dancer. I like to experiment) If you want to support me, subscribe to my patrеon)
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  • Japan
    コス暦は8年ぐらいしています ゆるくコスプレをしていて、最近のコスは凄いですなーー驚きがいっぱいだ、、、ついていけるのやら^_^ チキンですが宜しくです!
  • Japan
    Hello!! I'm Hachisuno Yaduki. Please call me "Yaduki". I'm glad to meet you!!(●´ω`●) I love Cosplay! Follow my Twitter for updates on my activities and daily life. ■□▪▫■□▫▪■□▪▫■□▫▪ Twitter: ■□▪▫■□▫▪■□▪▫■□▫▪ Thank you for coming to see my Cosplay photo❤️
  • Indonesia
    Hallo, saya Indah. Berasa dari indonesia, saya dalah supervision di perusahaan dalam hal ini, saya sedang mencari kandidat tokoh yang bisa menyerupai animasi perbankan. Karena saya ingin memberikan iklan kepada masyrakat indonesia dalam melakukan pinjaman uang dengan cara cepat dan mudah. Saya harap anda bisa berdiskusi dengan saya untuk bekerja sama! Terima kasih!