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    Hi everyone, welcome to this space, I'm Francisco Lemus, a mexican photographer who's got into cosplay after trying on portrait photography, now I found a real passion on it and my main goal is to photograph cosplayers from all around the world. I hope you enjoy and like my pictures, I'm just trying to catch the great work of all the cosplayers I've worked with. You can find me in facebook: And my web page is
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    About Hamba Allah at Bumi Allah SWT April 14, 1995 to present Studies Islamic Theology at PPUNI 13:14 Past: Madrasah Diniah Bakriah (Pondok Pasir Tumboh) and SMK Agama Nurul Ittifaq Lives in Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan From Kampung Dengir, Terengganu, Malaysia
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    VOCALOID 獨大 萬年馬內,奴性堅強,歡揪❤ FB :
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    ดีจร้า ก้อตรึคุโระ เป็นเด็กน้อยแสนเบาะบางเป็นกุลสตรี(หรอ?) นิสัยก็ กวนตินน่ารักเกินคน(?)แถมร่าเริงเกินเกิน ชอบความรุงแรงและคนหล่อค่า!! \\\w\\\ #ห้ะ ยังไงก็ขอฝากตัวด้วย ตอนนี้อายุ 16
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    こんにちはみな!エミナですー! Hello everyone! This is Emina! (^o^)/ I'm a teen cosplayer from Australia. よろしくお願いしますー☆ 【Deviantart】 【Insta】 chibieminachan
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    Thanks for viewing my page! Twitter→ Archive→
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    YukixYuki Team Yuki Shizuka & Yuki Kajimura
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    nickname : KUZE country / city : Pontianak / indonesia age : 17 weight : 39 height : 145 my fb :
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    アニメやマンガに夢中・ 図面が大好き・ 好きな活動としてコスプレ・ 両方の良いコスプレイヤー、声優になりたいです (^_−)−☆ Crazy about anime & manga Love drawing Cosplaying as a favourite activity Wanna be both a good cosplayer and a voice actress Thank for visiting my page ありがとう^ - ^!!!!!
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    blog: twitter:@ma_yo_ring
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    Hi I'm Reef~ I'm from Denmark, and I've been cosplaying since 2010 so welcome~! feel free to take a look around~ thank you for visiting my profile! ^w^ Facebook - Tumblr -
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