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    hallo guys im cosplayer from indonesia ^^ welcome to my page arigato minna for visit and watch my page nice to meet you ^^
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    Hello folks! Just a random Indonesian Cosplayer here~ I love cosplay so much and I hope you guys like my work, will do my best to always improve UvU I do hope my cosplay can inspire you guys :) and hopefully, I could travel the world and do some charity with my Cosplay ♥
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    Korean cosplayer.
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    im from scotland and i love cosplaying sooo much !!
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    Nyaa! My Name Is Enoshima Junko-Chan >:D ♥♡♥
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    Herro~ i'm Aisu* a Vietnamese beginning cosplayer! I'm also a dancer and singer on Yt owo Please be kind to me~
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