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    Hofuzzと申します。 活動は主に香港のイベントで ちょこちょこやってます 時々, アメリカ, 関東のイベントにも参加しております。 どこか会場でお会いしたらぜひ宜しくお願いします。 是非とも仲良くして下さい。
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    Hi Potatoes Irish Kate desu~ Newbie Cosplyer from Ph. I started cosplaying December 2013. Follow me and tap the ♡ in my photos. Personal fb: https://m.facebook.com/therealkhate?ref=bookmarks Facebook Page: https://m.facebook.com/nekoshiro13cosplay/?ref=bookmarks Let's be friends feel free to message me or leave a comment on how to improve my cosplays. Domo arigato ne~~.
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    I'm a spanish girl who likes cosplay, especialy if the cosplayers are Kipi, Mahore Himemiya, Itsuki Akira, Neneko, Hiduki Yuki, Kaname... all cosplayers are just great (^^) I love One Piece, I'm a super fan *-* I also love Survival Horror Games. TOKIO (jpop) fan, Nagase Tomoya biased, 100% fangirl. I also write, feel free to visit my blog (+18) https://tifakurosakiff.wordpress.com/
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    Hi everyone. I'm Zycroser. An average gamer and otaku from the Philippines.
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    Hi! I'm Alex! I love anime and basketball! I do not cosplay but I appreciate and admire cosplayers! Looking forward to meet new friends from different places/ countries!