Astarohime Koyu (Astarohime)
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    Vorro - huge russian dork and cosplayer if you want to see more of my costumes follow me on instagram ! [tumblr] [twitter] [facebook]
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    Hi! I'm cosplayer from Czech republic. My name is Usagi! :) I am 15 years old. ^^ I hope, you will like my posts. My hobbies are drawing, cosplay, gaming and reading books. ^^ My fb page: Deviant art: instagram:
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  • Taiwan
    中文佳(?) 大多相片在↓ BLOG: Weebly:
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    Hi dearest ! I'm French Cosplayer of 20 years old ~ Vintage <3 Kawaii <3 Greedy girl <3 Burtonesque <3 Without Etiquette ~ Welcome to my world of Passion ~ Facebook Page :
  • Spain
    Deviantart: Long, long time no see you!! (>ㅅ<) Okay, new projects' coming!! New! + Road Kamelot (D.Gray-man) + Wang Yao - China (Hetalia) 2017! + Chuuya Nakahara (Bungou Stray Dogs) + Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri!! On Ice) - I'm in love with all versions, that's a headache x__D + Jiggy Pepper (Tegami Bachi) + Someone from FMA... still don't know who.
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    ☆Hello, I am Viktoria, but my friends call me just Tori ☆彡 I am 14, like cosplay, Lolita, make up, anime and tea ε-(´∀`; ) ☆Right now I'm more concentrated on cosplay, but I'm still in love with Lolita style ^-^ ☆ My hobbies: make up artist, cosplay, street fashion?, anime/manga, YT blogger ☆Find me there: VK: Instagram: Ask me: Facebook:
  • United Kingdom
    Hi =^.^= I'm in Wales, if you're here too the weather sucks doesn't it? XD I speak a couple of languages and like music (if you wanna know more please ask because I'm not gonna ramble too much). I do cosplay but I won't upload any photographs until my confidence is a little higher, I'm here to praise you guys~ =^.^=
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    Here is kon💁🏼 A HongKong cosplayer👒👒 Welcome to my worldcosplay Feel free to comment, like and follow❤️ Appreciate all your support❤️❤️❤️ FB: