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あると あき (AKI ARUTO)
  • Singapore
    I'm a cosplayer from singapore who started cosplaying iin 2014, I enjoy cosplay as a hobby and I aim to improve further. Yoroshikuuuu <:
  • United States
    Hello everyone my name is Joseph and I was born in the most beautiful country in the world that Colombia. I am living in the US for 5 years. PD:I just follow the people who are professionals to do cosplay. PD2: I like Asian women and am available for all of them. Nice to meet you. ;) Twitter: Facebook: My Blog: Google+: Not Found 404.
  • Japan
    facebook World Cosplayers World Maid Cafe Tumblr
  • United Kingdom
    Hello , my name is Michi, nice to meet you! ★ Welcome to my worldcosplay ★
  • Germany
    Kathi, 23 German cosplayer, gamer, book lover and movie enthusiast Facebook: DeviantArt: Instagram: Twitter:
  • China
  • Malaysia
    Konichiwa, hi guys! Nice to meet you all, I am Kathleen Hiiro_緋. I love cosplay and I hope I can bring out the characteristic of the character I cosplay. Of course!! I will also like to take the initiative to know more friends who have the same interest with me ^w^ So that we can talk and discuss more about things related to anime as well as cosplay. Thank you. yoroshiku onegaishimasu minna san. 大家好,动漫爱好者,希望认识不同国家的coser.^^ facebook :
  • China
  • Brazil
    Hi!! ~ ⌒ω⌒ My name is Camila, and I'm cosplayer, and I love it!! My favorito anime is Kuroshitsuji (・ω<) 〜( = ^ ・ ω ・ ^ ) Follow me, follow back! Follow you, please follow back :3 ─=≡Σ((( っ'∀')っ My facebook page:
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
    Hello! everyone I'm from Thailand I'm not good at cosplay 'cause I'm new for it. but I will Effort >< Name : Manami Yuki age : 12 Facebook : Nice to meet you all ดีฮร้าาาาาาาาาา >< มาจากประเทศไทยเนอะ ก็เป็นเลเยอร์หน้าใหม่ค่ะ คอสไม่ค่อยเก่ง จะพยายามเต็มที่นะคะ ชื่อ : มานามิ ยูกิ(เนมคอส) อายุ:12 เฟส : จะพยายามเต็มที่เดส ;w;
  • Japan
  • Italy
    Italian Cosplayer Facebook : Youtube: Instagram :
  • Colombia
    Perfil : :D Tumblr : Facebook page :