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Vampire Goddess (Darkness)
United States
Hi, my name is Val. Iam an American cosplayer, Vampire Goddess. I mostly do my own characters, but have/and will do a few others, and like Light from deathnote, Ciel from Black butler, and next will be Link from Zelda. I love cosplaying, with my heart and soul, and hope to improve on my characters And will have more soon! Thank you all for visiting my page and likes!! Love you all, and May God Bless! XD <3
  • 닉네임Vampire Goddess
  • 성별 여성
  • Age 24
  • 국가United States of America
  • Birthday 08/06
  • Itxy
  • アセンス
  • Tatasenko Mana
  • saku
  • Kanako
  • to-5★
  • 昂昂
  • yng
  • hunter
  • Izu no Ikebukuro
  • Itachi--sama
  • Claude :D
  • MissGin
  • memori
  • 黒機ひつじ
  • TOUGA.
  • Gillechan
  • Kanako
  • Hobbs
  • sasuke cosplay
  • Mana Bakura
  • Nattsun~✰
  • Nao
  • Alan Reeve
  • Nelliel Pendragon
  • Terumi Mars