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  • Japan
    Hi, I'm Hiroto from Tokyo and I just started cosplaying this year(≧∀≦*) I'll edit this profile later... but let me just write something here for now. Well, I'm doing Otoya Ittoki from "Uta no Prince sama," and trying to complete wearing most of his outfit! I hope you like my photos, and please feel free to follow me on twitter since that's what I'm mainly using! twitter account: @hiroyan3000
  • H
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  • Japan
    Hi!! Im Minami☆ cosplayer from Japan♪ I want to become friends with everyone in the world! Nice to meet you all(^o^) 仲良くして下さい! コスプレ大好き♪ よろしくお願いします♪♪
  • Japan
    My name is Maki. Yoroshiku☆ ▼戦国BASARA series 【Homepage】 【Twitter】 【Archive】 【CURE】 【CLOUD】
  • Nok
    Hong Kong
    plurk : yam :
  • Singapore
    Hi my name is Hayashi Kazuki And i Love Cosplaying Do Like My Photo :D
  • Japan
    I am looking for the cosplayer of Australia. I will go to Australia in January, 2013. I want a cosplayer's friend.
  • China
    T-卷子家具子【china,sina weibo】
  • Indonesia
    Hello everyone.. I'm Natsume I'm Indonesia Cosplayer [Newbie] My hobbies are Drawing and Watch Anime Anyway nice to meet you all here's my bio Name: Natsume Called: Natsu-chan, Atsu-chan Facebook:
  • Japan
    Name(CN):アキト-AKITO- From:Japan(kyoto) 日本の京都で活動しています。 よろしくお願いします! 【Twitter】
  • Japan
    オールジャンルで日本(関東)で活動中。 たまに遠征もしてます。 ジャンル幅はかなり広いです。 Twitter: Blog: Archive: Cure:
  • Japan "Stay hungry,stay foolish." Cosplay from Osaka JAPAN.
  • Italy
    follow me ^_^
  • Italy
    Hi! I am alessandro, I'm Italian and I do cosplay for some years to have fun with all the people who have the same passion. I hope to continue for many years until I'll have the time and inclination, and I hope you enjoy my little work :) bye :)
  • Mexico
    Nos parecemos en los ojos ... pero no en la mirada. Gemelas haciendo Cosplay algunas veces de gemelas xDD Facebook: Deviantart: