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Justine Qing
  • Malaysia
    Facebook: Email: Tel: +6017-544 6312 Hello everyone :D My name is Amamiya Tsuki, a new Malaysian cosplayer, from Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia. :P Since 27th September 2014
  • Malaysia
    → 来自 · 不详( 喵星球?!! ) → 隐藏于蓝色星球的目的是… · 执行侵略与破坏蓝色星球的秘密任务 XDD ( 正在研究蓝色星球人中…… ) → 年龄 · 18 ( 2013 ) → 星座 · 金牛座 ( 我是纯种金牛座的喵星人~~ muahahahahaha XD ) → 性别 · 50%女 + 50%男 = 喵星人( 那就是我啦啦啦啦啦~~~ ) → 职业 · 在家摇脚 XD → 在蓝色星球迷恋上的 · 吃 · 喝 · 玩 · 睡 · 放空 · 耍白痴 · COSplay ❤ · 蓝星球baby ❤ · 唱 K · 血拼 · 可乐 · 逛夜市 · 疯狂买买买 · 化妆 · 蝴蝶结 · 少女漫画 · BL 漫画 · 偶像剧 · 爱情小说 · 看帅哥美女靓仔靓女 ¯ ﹃ ¯
  • Malaysia
    =w= nice to meet u~ I am coser come from MALAYSIA~ hope u will like my pic/// 菜鸟coser一只~ 请多多指教,欢迎来交流哦@w@ Yorushikun Onegaishimas www facebook: weibo:
  • ReN
    Viet Nam
    Hi, I'm ReN
  • Belarus
    Hi all, I'm a beginner cosplayer from Belarus. I love anime "Black Butler" and "Singing Prince" and "Attack of the Titans" .My favorite anime character's with these Masato, Ciel Phantomhive and Corporal. I recently fascinated anime. I love cosplay Kuromitu. She has a very believable character's are obtained. I wish you good luck and myself in cosplay. submitted today
  • Mexico
    [Fb] [DA]
  • Taiwan
    米那桑!! 這裡是一米六~ 大愛黑執事啊!!(雞凍 所以才將謝爾為主坑 黑執事的部分 不但會出少爺 還會出老爺。莉西。女王(第一季)。格雷爾 和賽巴(別懷疑,真的 以LL的希為副坑 基本上都一直線啦 這裡出正片進度很慢>< 不過試妝倒是很多(踹飛 歡迎各位和我搭訕ˊˇˋ 我最喜歡妹紙和正太了(大叔你滾 FB專業: 雖然目前處於放置play (踹飛 但求各位捧個場吧qwq
  • Malaysia
    Hi! This is Salmon des ≧◇≦
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
    Hi ~Akimoto Makoto here !! I m a cosplayer from malaysian Mostly do Crossdress for project Touhou XD still gonna do male character if got chance XD anyway nice to meet you all <3 FB~ FB_page~
  • Peru
  • Viet Nam
  • Japan
    Im A, Pet Lover, Graphic Designer, Artist, Techie, Gamer, Music Lover, and Proud Otaku. in short im Geeky [FB] [Twitter]
  • Mexico
  • Malaysia
    just someone who loves cosplay
  • Italy
    Hi everyone!! ^^ I'm Junko, nice to meet you! I'm a cosplayer from Swiss but I live in Northern Italy since I was 5 ^^ I'm trying to become a good cosplayer since I love it really much: I'm so excited every time I've to project, sew, color, decorate and obviously wear a new costume ^__^ So, I'd really like to recive advice and comments if I make any mistake or if you can help me improve myself =) My Cure number is 341170, I'm A~chan ^^ See you at the next cosplay!! =D Bye~