reika2011 (REIKA)
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    world cosplay始めました。
  • Italy
    ╰☆╮Tetsurō 鉄朗 & Kei 恵 Cosplay コスプレ Cosplayer from Italy. Welcome.
  • Italy
    Hi:3 My name is Zau Chan. I'm cosplayer from 2012. I hope that my cosplay like you :3
  • Lithuania
    I am a beginner cosplayer with no money and high quality photos ! :D My everyday routine surrounds anime, school and art school. So this is all, what you need to know about me, Here's some social networks, where you can find me: Facebook: Vk:
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    Hi! ^.^ Folow me on deviantart: cosplayjoin: facebook:
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    Hello everyone > ///// < My name is Zin, I'm a Vietnamese n a Cosplayer also Ò v Ò I Loveeeeeeee Anime n Mangaaaaaaaa ≧~≦ Facebook:
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    I'm still working on my cosplays... For the time being, I'm just here fooling around and following cosplayers I admire. ´w`