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    Hi~ my name is Miu because i'm a high school student so i not enough money to pay for clothings Cosplay. And now, i only be cosplay my HEAD by my Photoshop. I hope people don't hate me :")))... Thanks everyone ~ ~I LOVE COSPLAY~ [facebook] :
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    I am a Japanese cosplayer. I love ANIME,GAME,MANGA and Cosplay!!!!! Follow welcome!!!! おっす!おらわさび! 関東でぶーらぶらと活動中(° ꈊ °)✧ cure時代から久々に戻ってきた、まだ右も左も分からない状態なわさび氏です…。基本顔がうるさい系ですが温かく見守ってネ。 仲良く交流、まったりwelcome! よろしゅうお願いします Twitter@shishmaitooo
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    ♡ if you can't blow them off with your brilliance baffle them with your bullshit. ♡ just because you don't understand something it doesn't mean it's wrong ♡ i'll either find a way or make one ♡ the fact that i am silent doesn't mean i have nothing to say
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    I am a cosplayer from Bangladesh. I love Anime. And also LOVE Cosplaying. :D Love to watch other cosplayers........ And i made my debut with THE PERVY SAGE on 11 th of December 2015 in Dhaka Comicon...... And this my id: Hope to have a great time guys............ ^_^
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    HELLO~~my name is 卷圈.ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ “卷圈” is a kind of delicious from Tianjin. I hope my work will make you happy~~o(*////▽////*)q 希望能给你眼前一亮的感觉~~(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Enjoy yourself !
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