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松嶋 (matsushima)
I am a Japanese cosplayer.
I like comics, an overseas movie, and a drama.

General participation is carried out every year at the world costume play summit performed in Nagoya in Japan in summer.

Fate/Avengers/SHERLOCK/The Boondock Saints./House of wax/BATTLESHIP/The Boondock Saints./Supernatural/glee/Attack on Titan/JOGIO/弱虫ペダル/ライチ光クラブ/マギ
  • WorldCosplay No.76361
  • 닉네임松嶋
  • 성별 여성
  • 국가日本
  • カブ
  • こめゆた
  • syun
  • Freddyy Krueger
  • こめゆた
  • カブ
  • Gin
  • Shou
  • sora-tyan
  • 穎喵
  • Yami Chan
  • 瀲水
  • AlinEnAk
  • Uriko Ladysnake
  • 山下 秋瀬
  • 夜諾