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    Yaho!! I'm Haine and I'm so happy to show you my work! I'm a cosplayer and cosmaker since 2015 and day by day I want to learn more! I hope you like it and enjoy it! - TW - : - FB - : - IG - : EMAIL:
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    🇵🇭 | Student 🤔 | 17 yrs. old | loves music 🎶 and plays 🎹 | loves adventure 🌍 | loves nature 🏔 | pet lover 🐼 | loves taking picture just for fun 😁 | I love watching sunset 🌅 and I'm a star gazer 🌌 | Yaoi lover 👌 | Anime lover 😊| J-Pop lover 👍 | loves manga 💞
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    ! In Love With Kuroko!(KNB)💖U💖 Super Addicted to Game!!! Im collecter.. Try to get As many Figure as Possible!!! Especially Kuroko Figure! XD And Im not Lazy~~ im Just Saving my Life Energy~~-o-)\
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    + Hi everyone~ My name is Suiren ❀ + I am a coser in London, UK~ + ENG/日本語 OK! ♡ 睡蓮です! 初めまして~ ♡ ロンドンに住んでいます Facebook:
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    I'm Liz/Luke, graphic designer futuring~ One of my main hobbies is the cosplay, and I like to make my own props (although I still need to improve). ✨Social networks✨ Instagram: Youtube: Facebook:
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    hii I'm Autumn/ AutumnNeko. 22 yrs old female and I am a SoCal cosplayer. I love cosplaying, traveling and going to cons and bringing my fave charas to life. I'm always open to chatting/ making new friends too!! You can tag me in any pictures you have of me. My social medias are: instagram: autumnnek0 youtube: tumblr: autumnnekocos deviantart: autumnnek0
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    Hi, I'm Dango, I like to make Cos Props and stuff
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    Hello my name is shiawase and I’m new to the cosplay community thank you for stopping by to look at this newbie cosplayer ^^ ———————————————————————— 。Instagram: __shiawase_
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    ♥ HI, I'm KISSHOU, a vietnamese cosplayer! ♥ Facebook: ♥ Twitter: I've deleted my old account and change to this new one.
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    Hello ^^ I'm a cosplayer from Vietnam. Pleasure to meet you 🤗 Follow me if you like my photos :3 Thank you for watching <3 🐾 Instagram: 🐾 Twitter: