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Yuki Acedillo (Yuki Acedillo)
I'm Yuki Acedillo a cosplayer from Philippines. I'm happy that there's a website such as this that will showcase the arts and crafts of different cosplayers around the world.

I made all my armors, weapons and other props while my mom made all stuffs related to fabrics and sewing.

I want to improve my cosplays, so this is a great place to be inspired ^_^ feel free to follow me. Xiao


  • 닉네임Yuki Acedillo
  • 성별 남성
  • 국가Republika ng Pilipinas
  • General Yuks
  • セリス
  • Casha
  • Cris Frost
  • Liui
  • reika2011
  • YANN
  • alppy
  • 永崎遼
  • ナツ
  • Jannet Vinogradova
  • hoshi
  • Gin
  • Cris Frost
  • Casha
  • Aurélien Bernadas
  • LetheMaghia
  • 永崎遼
  • Joughey
  • Potchi
  • Butchy Tale
  • Earl Gualberto
  • Lot
  • jeffbedash325
  • Takanori