I love the art of cosplaying, I also wish I had the talent that many people have to pull it off. I cosplayed twice but never was good at making my outfit. I admire all the people around the world and wish them he best in there works.
  • 닉네임exia
  • 성별 남성
  • 국가United States of America
  • Shiki-ty
  • ハッピーライフ
  • Luilui
  • 大白
  • Amayuki♪天雪
  • yuto
  • Alexia Faye
  • 七七
  • 变态狩子
  • 모모렌
  • EmikoSakura
  • Andi
  • 天皇姬
  • 花蜜柑
  • 小薇