Trixie J. Valentine (TrixieJValentine)
United States
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Trixie J. Valentine is a Cosplayer & Gamer. She has been
an Anime & Gaming fan since she was 8 years old &
has been attending Conventions as a Cosplayer for
10+ years!

Like many Cosplayers, Trixie started at the bottom &
worked her way to the top. She has gone on to be a
Cosplay Guest at Anime Conventions hosting an array of
panels, judging cosplay competitions & participating as a
special guest in various events such as music videos,
interveiws & podcasts, and fan videos!
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  • 닉네임Trixie J. Valentine
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  • 국가United States of America
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  • 布雷德 克拉克
  • Kasumi
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