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    米娜桑好 這裡是香港的COSER ,台灣人 暫時只有出LL 希和花陽 已在籌備ONE PIECE 跟 失憶幽靈 將來還會有六花的勇者(>w<) HELLO HERE IS HK COSER ,A TAIWANESE Love LL cosplay preparing for ONE PIECE PERONA & YUUKO SANG looking forward for the BRAVES OF THE SIX FLOWERS COSPLAY 大好~~!
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    TW南部coser💋📱超級手遊玩家💓白貓project💞/あんさんぶるスターズ💕/偶像大師💖/神女控💝/怪物彈珠💟💎求白貓同好😭 Facebook ❥ https://www.facebook.com/Nuno0318 ASK❥ http://ask.fm/IB147050
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    Hey there! I'm Ari! I called this profile ACARI, but you could call me whatever you like :) My dream is to become better at cosplaying, and to be able to maintain my hobby with my life. Besides cosplaying, I play the guitar and sing, and I hope one day to make it for a living, so I could dedicate all my time for my creativity and imagination to grow. I like to play video games, and watch anime, hang out with friends, and going out and meeting new people. FEEL FREE TO SEND A MESSAGE ^_^
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    Hi, i'm Phu , my nickname is Ji , I like cosplay , game , ...... And ANIME ;))) If you like me , pls follow me <3 <3 THANKS !!!!!!