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    Thank you for visiting my page! :3 Please feel free to text me on Facebook! I'm always happy to make new friends -^^- I'm looking forward to chat with you! *o* 初めまして、春花です! 私コスプレイが大好きです! よかったら私にfacebookでメッセージしてね! これからもよろしくお願いします!(*´ω`*) I am a cosplayer from the philippines ★★★ Thank you for visiting and viewing my photos ! Please do rate.(人´∀`*)
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    Hi ! My name is MiMi ! nice too meet u guys XD I'm Cosplayer From Vn ♦PATREON : ------------------------------------------------------------------ ►Contact: ► ► ►
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    Hi I'm Yuuzi, a Canadian cosplayer from Hong Kong 大家好 我是幽子,來自香港的加拿大coser (。・ω・。)ノ♡ Facebook: Instagram: yuuzi.akino Twitter:
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    Just Rosossisia
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    大家好 這裡是台湾coser CN夜冥/Yieh Ming/安羽 目前cos磷葉石/信濃藤四郎/師走驅 請多指教了 FB: Twitter:
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