Suzuki Makoto (Reichi)
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    Twitter: ✉ This shop sells my Cosplay Photobooks.↓
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    夕月【yuki】 A cosplayer from China. 英語も日本語もokですが、日本語は簡単な会話しか言えませんから、すみません。 【sina weibo】 【lofter】 【Cure】 【twitter】 Actually the last two links are seldom used, so if you want to have a chat with me or ask me some question,left words directly under my photos would be ok.I would be very happy to make friends with you,thank you.
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    Hello!! 飛沫と申します。 Twitter>> ARCHIVE>> Facebook>> よろしくお願いします(*`・ω・´)
  • China
    之前放置了一段时间,最近重新活跃,简单整理了一下主页! 可能有误删请谅解! Let's play! Hello everyone, I'm Hua Qian,a cosplayer from China . Recently I found a jactitator uploaded my works without my permission on this platform, I feel angry about that. So I started to learn how to use this platform. Hope you like my cosplay:D ☺sina weibo>>>