I'm Brazilian, born and living in Rio de Janeiro.
I'm starting in this world of cosplay.
My first cosplay was in July 2012 at the event "Anime Friends" in São Paulo.

I created the account to disclose my cosplays and also be able to follow my favorite cosplayers and inspire me more and more!
I do not know very well English or Spanish, but I'll try!
So bring it on!

Now I have a Cosplay fanpage on fb!
  • ニックネーム[ヂアシャン]
  • 性別 女性
  • República Federativa do Brasil
  • Dani Hime
  • Erza
  • Sara Marotta
  • Mengura
  • Uchiha Nil
  • Bulma
  • Pedro Henrique
  • Yasuragi Anshin
  • Jumilk
  • NeliChan
  • Túlio Rocha
  • Bel Valentinne
  • Nai
  • Pedro Henrique
  • Bulma
  • Jessica Nigri
  • Yasuragi Anshin
  • Thaiane Menezes
  • Hikari Matsumoto
  • Cherry Pikapi
  • JeS_제스
  • NatSuke
  • Naninha
  • Gabi
  • Martina
  • HowlingFlame