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    anime and cosplay lovers :)) my hobby is sleeping and drawing
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    Hi! ! (^人^) I'm Serizawa Mii ★ you can call me :: Mii (มี่//มิอิ) CN: Serizawa Mii // 芹沢 美依 I'm wirte the fantasy novel, if you're the one that love to read visit this Facebook:: My Tweeter:: ❤cosplay ❤manga ❤anime ❤novel ❤Dark Land ❤Teruterubozu luv ya !!! ~( ̄▽ ̄)~* ★
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    Hello I'm Abhijit a.k.a Lumin Huge Anime and Manga fan. I make my own props. I also do a lot of drawing and i play the guitar
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    :Typical Otaku:
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    Hi, I'm Kimii Moddo. Cosplayer from Thailand. Nice to meet YOU :) Cosplay name : Kimii Moddo Age : 22 Nationality : Thai My Hobby : Cosplay , Play Games , Read comics >w<
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    Hello I'm cocacola (sorry for the non-witty name I was far too lazy to think of something better), though I'm more formally known as Laura. Though it may be obvious I don't cosplay too often, mostly from lack of money and pure laziness. I'm from the great state of Texas yet I recently moved to the not-as-great state of Virginia. My profile picture is my cosplay of Marry from Mekakucity actors, sweet mustache right? I hope to possibly gain a follower or two (three is my goal)
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    my fb :