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  • Italy
    Hello everyone, my name is Artemis (Von) and I'm an Italian cosplayer.~ 【INSTAGRAM】: 【DEVIANTART】: 【TUMBLR】: Next: Oikawa, Hinata, Karamatsu, Saitama.
  • Canada
    Hi! I'm Audrey, a french canadian cosplayer living in Montreal. Spoken languages: french, english I'm also a member of a cosplay group: Kyuujin Team Please visit our pages for more info about our upcoming project "Naruto: This is War" !! Here's the link to the video:
  • Brazil
    PHOTOGRAPHER Visit my other pages
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  • Germany
    I'm a little cosplayer from germany and also part of the cosplay group WonderlandCosplay. WonderlandCosplays facebook: tumblr main: tumblr cosplay: deviantart:
  • United States
    Hey. uwu My name's Juliette and I love cosplaying. I'm from Texas and i'm 18. Hope you like my cosplays.
  • Russia
  • roi
  • Germany
    I'm totally obsessed with the Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus series and I love the character Luke Castellan! ♥ But I also like and do cosplays from other series!! =D Animexx: Twitter: Tumblr: PJO/HoO Tumblr account:
  • Russia
  • Taiwan
    嗨我是ㄗㄆ 台灣的北部coser 陷在aph跟LL裡 歡迎約拍 <3 最近正在尋找正月未覺醒花陽>//////<一起拍凜花 還有女僕未覺醒(和風)的小鳥!!!拍海鳥><
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