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  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
    Hello I´am from Mexico and start cosplay on 2011 May, I do Crossplay and Cosplay. I love Touhou Project and videogames and foxes >¬<, I´ll upload photos from time to time adding my new cosplay works. OwO
  • Canada
    My name is Palaven. I’m 25 years old and 159cm tall. I have been cosplaying since 2008. I love video games, music, and art.
  • Japan
    日本国内の九州に属する佐賀・福岡で活動しているレイヤー。 ラブライブやゆるゆりで活動予定です、現在活動縮小中につきイベ参加少ないです。 Twitter: ARCHIVE:
  • Taiwan
    ☆CN:冥珀 ☆Fb: ☆目前熱衷:刀劍亂舞、鬼燈的冷徹、妖狐x僕ss、東方project……等。 請多指教囉\OwO/
  • Viet Nam
  • Myanmar
    Hey, I am Nishi, a cosplayer from Myanmar. Have been a coser for over 2 years, but still a beginner xD Feel free to look around :)
  • Japan
    I'm doing a cameraman in Japan. My favorite animation is Danganronpa,Shingeki no kyojin,Charlotte,Prison School,Syokugeki no Soma. I'd like to take a picture at the place where it has a good location. Let me take a picture at a Okayama,Shikoku, and Kansai area, please. You can find me here: Twitter : COSPLAYERS ARCHIVE : 中国地方の晴の国に住んでいますが、広島、山陰、兵庫、大阪まで足を運んで撮影しています。レイヤー様、カメラマン様と知り合いになれたらと思っていますのでお気軽にフォローください。
  • Japan
    全世界のレイヤーさんと仲良くなれたら良いなぁ~ と、夢見てます^^ よろしくどうぞ(*´ω`人) CURE:238163 Archive:7053 Twitter:10_Shin_ フレンド・フォローお気軽に☆
  • Viet Nam
    I'm just a newbie although I've loved cosplay and lolita fashion since junior high . Feel free to add my facebook Elizabeth De Beaumont ( ) and to talk to me if you like ^^ . Please leave a comment about my costume - my facial expression I could do better in the future ^^ . Thanx <3
  • Taiwan
    Hi!我是臺灣coser祁緒異 Facebook粉絲專業: Plurk:s3590866 歡迎搭角,聊天:) ========================================================= Hi!I am Taiwan coser Nai My Facebook Pages: Plurk:s3590866 Welcome chat with me
  • China
  • Japan
    ちうです!まったり活動中~ Hello. I am CHIU ! Nice to meet you English is hard because it is weak. Conversation thank you in Japanese. I love mainly NARUTO and MAGI. ■Cosplayers archive ■Tumblr コス写真保管庫(cosplay&Camera) ■Twitter
  • Singapore
  • Brazil
    Brazilian cosplayer (beginner):p I'll post some of my cosplays I will doing during our time here, hope you like it, I'll try to do better pictures, and try to improve every day .. ♥ Other contacts: instagram: twitter: