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  • Japan
    Japanese Cameco.
  • Japan
    Hi,there:) Nice to meet you! This is Rokuto from Japan. I'm hoping to make friends from all around the world :) I’m so sorry for not repling sooner > < 大家好,我是來自日本的碌人:) 請多指教了!歡迎交流做朋友:) 日本語/English/中文(我只会说一点儿,说得还不太好) I love Pokemon,刀剣乱舞,D.Grayman,Persona,十二国記 Macross,あんスタ,Fate Archive→ Contact:)→Twitter: 関西メインに東海、九州、関東でも遊んでます。 交流はツイッター、写真はワーコスメインです。
  • Belarus
    Hi! I am glad that you visited my page. I hope you like my works) I'm a cosplayer from little Belarus and I would be happy to meet interesting people from other countries. ^^ Write - I'd be happy to talk ^^ My facebook: My bcy: My weibo: My instagram: My Patreon:
  • South Korea
    안녕하세요, 중부권 코스어 카라입니다. 初めまして、韓国人レイヤーのKARAです:D メッセージやコメントなどは日本語でおkです! 韓国語>日本語>>>英語 小心者ですのでお気軽に声かけてくださいね! I'm KARA from Republic of Korea! Sorry, ONLY Korean and Japanese texts here. ;-( KR>JP>>>EN Unfortunately, I can't speak English so fluently. - ARCHIVE / - MAIL /
  • Philippines
    Hello I'm Oliver King, a Filipino Cosplayer since 2014. Thank you for viewing my account.
  • Viet Nam
    HI! (´。 • ω • 。`) My name is Mi Ca. I come from Viet Nam. I'm cosplayer. Follow me if you like my photos :3.Thanks for your watching! ☆ Support and get my photo : ☆ FACEBOOK: ☆ TWITTER :
  • China
    Hello everyone, welcom to my page:) If you like my photos,you can follow my weibo or ig~ 初めまして、中国のレイーヤキリです~ ◆ig: ◆weibo: 同好欢迎交流w Fate♥Macross F♥VOCALOID♥The idol m@ster Cinderella Girls♥乙女ゲーム
  • Philippines
    Thank you for the favorite and for the follow! Hi! I'm Shifu! I'm a Filipino Cosplayer. I started cosplaying last August 2015 and I want to share my progress. I enjoy sewing m own costumes and also crafting my weapons and props. Nice meeting you! Feel free to add me on Facebook: • Facebook Page: • Deviantart: • Instagram:
  • South Korea
    안녕하세요!!! 월드코스프레 회원 여러분! 28세 중부권 코스어 네타라고 합니다!!!~ 팔로우 환영합니다!+_+ 잘부탁드려요~ blog - Twitter - facebook - ask - Hello, Republic of Korea 28 years Cosplayers are called Netanyahu Well I'm begging you World Cosplay Member Follow Welcome Thank you
  • Taiwan
    My name is mihime, i would like to meet the other country's cosplayer and have an interactive with all of you.:) わたしわみひめです、みんなわよろしくお願いします blog: Page: FB:
  • Taiwan
    我是薇尋XD!請多指教! 中文.日文跟英文都可以通XD! 希望可以交到更多朋友/// ナズナと言います! 中国語と英語と日本語は通じますので、皆との話ができたらうれしいと思います! よろしくお願いします<3 半次元 : PLURK :
  • Thailand
    Call me "WifeKirei" I'll be glad of it  ̄▽ ̄; My photoset download able How to get fansign >> How to support me>> ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Don't post my works without any permission. Thanks
  • Thailand
    Nice to meet you everyone *3* I'm Inushio cosplayer Thailand. And you can see my photo cosplay in.... My Daviant : My Cure : My Page On Facebook : Twitter :
  • Japan
    私は日本のコスプレイヤーです。 ボーイフレンド(仮)きらめきノート、ラブクロ、A3!、白猫プロジェクト、無双等が大好きです。 I am a Japanese cosplayer. I love boyfriend, loveclo, A3 !, tsukipara, white cat project, musou etc. 我是日本的扮演者。 我爱男朋友(仮),loveclo,A3!,tsukipara,白猫项目,musou等。 Archive:
  • Hong Kong
  • Germany
    愛: CLAMP/Sailor Moon/Psycho-Pass/Evangelion/LD1/世界一初戀/越前龍馬/一期一振/火神大我/ CURE✟ 194928 Instagram✟ Leisakuragi ALBUM/相簿✟ FACEBOOK✟ WEIBO/微博✟