My name is Beatriz but feel free to call me Bee(-chan) haha.

I'm an otaku, dorky bookworm and a hardcore gamer.
I love ROMANCE genres, that's why I like anime that
involves a lot of romance and reverse harem.

I look up to a lot of cosplayers and find them a great inspiration!
  • ニックネームBee
  • 性別 女性
  • Republika ng Pilipinas
  • Yoshiaru  銀
  • Rui Zabala
  • LALA二世
  • 日月妖
  • oYOYOYo
  • 桜木梨
  • 零熾凰
  • 六寺
  • Lawliet
  • warmsolace
  • 紅月司
  • rain