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    Welcome to mah profile!~ I still don't have that many cosplay photos, for which I am really sorry!;; But soon I'll be finishing 2 very important cosplays, so I'll be able to post them~
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    Hello! Welcome to my page. I'm Lidu and I come from Czech Republic. I love cosplay because you can have an incredible lot of fun at conventions that way. And I also love the characters I cosplay, I chose them because they are close to my heart and I wish to portray them faithfully. Recently I've decided to finally stop calling myself a beginner and to finally set up a facebook page. You can check it out here:
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    Ellonya~~ ଲ(ⓛ ω ⓛ)ଲ. I'm SumiSora, a cosplayer from Malaysia...( ´ ∀ ` )ノ 一个来自马来西亚的cosplayer,叫澄空. 请多多指教~~ (・ω<)☆
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    Photography duo hailing from Sydney, Australia. Happy to meet you all, we hope you enjoy our works! Facebook Instagram
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    Hi I'm Aquamii, I'm a cosplayer from the Netherlands who loves to make costumes!
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    安安 我叫小銀(也可以叫我阿銀)wwww 請多指教 目前坑過的有:JOJO.東京喰種.銀魂.阿松 アン 私は少しシルバーと呼ばれる また、銀の私を呼び出すことができます 会えてうれしいよ 現在ピット役割は持っていた:JOJO.東京喰種.銀魂.おそ松さん FB: 噗浪: