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    Coser | Writer | RPer | Photog | Singer | Dancer | Actor ♀ Female ♏ Scorpio 💔 Single 💙 Pansexual Next convention: SacAnime Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | DA | Ao3 | I really need to focus on cosplay this year & get some shoots in. My poor page is so empty. I've neglected this account for too long. Stayed tuned. Thank you for stopping by & checking my page out.
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    Hi, guys! I´m Katha aka AnachronismCosplay from Germany. I LOVE Cosplay and Anime!
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    Hi! I'm Tionne Caster I'm pretty much an average, amateur cosplayer x'D I have started watching anime beginning with Sailor Moon and Pokemon in my younger days but I haven't been really into it until I got into Death Note. And I've only started cosplaying since 2011. My favorite anime is Tiger & Bunny ♥ Deviantart: Tumblr: Email:
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    Hi, I'm Dari I love cosplay I love K-Pop I love Lady Gaga and I love you n.n
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    Facebook Page: Instagram: @_adorablejoker_ Deviantart:
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    ヨ! 〜 私は私の自己紹介させて〜 。 < ****私の名前はゆうきです! ****大阪から^ ____ ^しかし、今、私は韓国ソウルに住んでいるんだ。 ***私の趣味は、歌う、食べる演技、ロールプレイング、等、私の友人とのたまり場です ***私は、^ 、英語韓国語、日本語、インドネシア語、およびスペイン語のビットで話したことができます。 ^ ***私の好きなアニメ等はヴァンパイア騎士、黒執事、日付Aライブ、ソードアートオンラインで、 。 <<あなたはより多くの情報が私の好きなアニメのために私を求めてすることができます ***私の性格は素朴な、チアフルで、簡単に親切に簡単に行く、友好を、来て、あなたは、この詳細については、私を求めことができます ***私の人生はロールプレイングと私は別のpersoneすることができ、退屈ですが... ***私はいつの日か後に私は私の本当のコスプレ画像についてあなたのすべてを表示することができます願っています..
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    I'm Nico from Italy, I'm new in the world of cosplay! FB page: Watch me on DeviantART [DeviantART] [] [Italia Cosplay]
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    I've been a cosplayer since 2007 Working back up on showing off my skills Loves meeting new friends. Mainly, working on showing off more of my cosplays because in the past I rarely took pictures :(
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    facebook :||instagram : @yuukimaru_rika|| youtube channel :
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    I'm somewhat a beginner cosplayer! I'm trying to learn many new sewing techniques so if someone would like to enlighten me with tips, please do so :3 i have many cosplays planed but right now i am working on my 4th. feel free to email me at: Kik: Ha7sun3M1ku Youtube: (will post more videos soon!) Instagram: Everything_Otaku
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    For now, I just do photoshoots. I am too shy to cosplay at conventions... Maybe one day I will... I love to support others so I enjoy this site!! ^^; I will post my photos in the future!
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