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Tocchi (Tocchi)
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  • Japan
    No Creature, No Life. やあ(´・ω・`) ようこそ、バーボンハウスへ。 このテキーラはサービスだから、まず飲んで落ち着いて欲しい。 うん、「男」なんだ。済まない。仏の顔もって言うしね、謝って許してもらおうとも思っていない。 でも、このコスプレを見たとき、君は、きっと言葉では言い表せない「ときめき」みたいなものを感じてくれたと思う。 殺伐とした世の中で、そういう気持ちを忘れないで欲しい。そう思って、この衣装を作ったんだ。 じゃあ、注文を聞こうか。
  • United States
    I love to make props, style wigs, and cosplay. I'm actually an all around type of guy. I have a geeky side, a night life clubber side, piano guitar drums side, a dancer side, a gamer side, a bboy side, an artist side. I pretty much get along with ANYONE as long as they're nice to me. I have nothing but good vibes and great times to share. A positive happy lifestyle. Ya digg? <(^_^<) I hope you enjoy my cosplays!
  • Japan
  • China
  • Macao
    Nice to meet you! :) WB:
  • Japan
    Hi, there. I'm a Japanese cosplayer who speaks English and Japanese. I enjoy making my own costumes and props all by my self.
  • Italy
    I am Italian cosplayer,my name is Gabriel Daisuke Jigen Feel free to follow me also in Facebook : Lupin and his Team: Youtube Channel:
  • Viet Nam
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Japan
  • Viet Nam
    A newbie. I have a lots of cosplay projects but too lazy to do. Maybe I should just go around and check the beautiful cosplay photos of other cosplayers xD Beside my native language (Vietnamese), I can speak English and Japanese (not as good as Vietnamese though) Hope I can make friends with all of you.
  • Russia
    Hey, I'm Elsie, Russian cosplayer, and I wanna show U some of my cosplay. Lookin' forward to sharing it with U ~ my tumblr: my twitter: @lsimpla my instagram: lilybarchan ♥: LoveLive!, The Seven Deadly Sins, Kagerou Project, Fairy Tail, Steins;Gate, Fate, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Steven Universe.