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  • Singapore
    Hello! I'm connie , 17. :D A cosplayer from singapore. Feel free to add me ^_^ ! Thanks for visiting! 大家好!我是来自新加坡的 coser。请多多指教哦!也希望大家喜欢我的作品!
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  • Thailand
    Hi I'm Minna Nice to meet you ^_^
  • Myanmar
    Konichiwa ^-^ watashiwa Sweety desu... It's nice to meet you all... I am friendly ^_< I love Animes .. Naruto, One Piece , Detective Conon , Another , Kaichouwa Maidsama , K Project , Kimino Todeke , Vampire Knight are my favourites <3
  • Venezuela
  • Hong Kong
    Facebook: NAKITA612@HOTMAIL.COM Page: YAM: Plurk: **よろしくお愿いします**
  • Philippines
    My Name Is Sydney (Shidoni)... A Cosplayer From Philippines... For 4 Years I was Cosplaying With Only One Goal - To Enjoy... Now I Fulfill My Own Wish - To Use The List Of Names Of What I Cosplay And Bring Down Those Who Are Poisoning My City... I Must Become Someone Else... I Must Become Something Else... Let's Spread More The Meaning Of Cosplay! (^w^) So... If You Want To Add Me: -->>>>-------->> Arigatou Gozaimas (^w^)
  • Thailand
    Facebook :
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
    Hi! Im Angelica a cosplayer from the Philippines ^w^ ~er, i don't know what to write ~i love anime, that's certain lol obviously
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