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    1: I wish one day I could cosplay as Doraemon hahaha XD 2: Actually I'm more of a fangirl and only cosplaying when the mood hit me hehehehe because I'm still new in this so I don't really have the confidence to do it. (= ´ ▽ `= ) 3: So, I'm looking forward to learn stuff from everyone around here and so I can be as good as them one day! AYY!! ( so i can cosplay as doraemon lol)☆〜(ゝ。∂)
  • Brazil
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    Hello, nice to meet you! *A* I'm Francisca, a German cosplayer since 2011, but online I go by LluviaSarcasm. I'm happy about every like, follow, comment & sticker. Feel free to talk to me! >w< This is me on other sites: Tumblr: Cure: deviantArt: Animexx:
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  • Lee
    United States
    I'm Lee and a dweeb beginner cosplayer
  • Philippines
    Just a random local cosplayer who mostly follow other cosplayers ^_^
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    Hi! I'm KluenLom from Thailand. I'm not much good at English. My makeup is not good. However, I will develop it soon. Getting to grips with the knowledge that I have. FB: Line : iamslyblue
  • Taiwan
    (´,,•ω•,,)♡你好~這裡是咪咪 不善言辭,內向 能玩得時間有限,更新緩慢 喜歡的作品:GE 王者之劍/黑執事/聖魔之血/肉00/ 攝影新手磨練中!! 歡迎同好交流 粉專FB: 廢噗噗浪:
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  • Hong Kong
    CN.yuki_yuriko desuww Can call me cookie w My goal is to become a famous cosplayer Hope you guy can supprt me You guys will be my impetus www IG: Facebook: Facebook fan page: no(?
  • Hong Kong