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狂間 (zxc3589126)
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    I'm a cosplayer from Michigan and I've been cosplaying since 2010! Current Cosplays: Tharja, Rise Kujikawa, Hanekawa Tsubasa, Senjougahara Hitagi Upcoming Cosplays: Kougyoku Ren, Morgiana, Kotori Minami, Ahri Upcoming Conventions: Youma Con Shuto Con Instagram: @glacieva Tumblr: glacieva
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  • Taiwan 培根起司漢堡_☼ 一個活動於南部的二貨漢子
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    Hey~ ! I'm 19 years old cosplayer from Finland. I do all my cosplays by myself Nice to meet you! ^.^ You can also find me here, feel free come to talk to me:
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    進藤流 MUA。写真家。コスプレ。声優。通訳者。 Partners : ARSMATE LOL, Shiroppoi Yuki, Ryouko Nakajima. Former partner : 改善KAIZEN. ダークチョコ85%。ハードボイルド。コスプレ。 ヴィジュアル系・おしゃれメイク。 フォローしていただいた皆様、感謝いたします。 Graphic Design. Japanese Interpreter. Photography. Makeup Artist for visual kei, oshare and anime cosplays. BLOG FB IG Cure No. 378775
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