Calssara (Calssara)
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    Hello from Japan. I'd love to see beautiful pictures, costumes, weapons, landscapes....from all over the world. also, I want to have otaku friends in many different countries. so, pls feel free to talk to me✨ 綺麗な写真や衣装、造形を見るのが大好きで登録しました! 最近はツイッターにいることが多いですが ぜひ仲良くしてください🌸
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    Hola a todos! Soy Ekrem, vengo de Argentina! Soy medio español, medio francés. También amo cosplays mucho! (´。• ω •。`)
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    Hello, I'm Crimson Queen. I have been a cosplayer since 2005. I love movies, books, music... and, of course, cosplaying. I know I have a long way ahead, but I hope you like my work. Thank you! =D
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    If you want to support my works and get some special rewards - become my patron on Patreon: Also you can find me here :3
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    Just call me Kelpie. ケルピー と よんで ください。 Facebook: Instagram: I'll do my best! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ がんばる! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
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    Hello everyone, I'm Ariel (HIBOOSHI), cosplayer and artist from Tijuana, Baja California, im a young MALE cosplayer, fan of anime, video games, and especially the cosplay. I hope my work as cosplayer be appreciated,And someday be a known cosplayer in the world uwu. Visit my Facebook: Ariel Vazquez(Hibooshi cosplay)
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    Hello ! We are French cosplayers, hope you'll enjoy our work ! Eiméon: Nice to meet you ~ :3 Flanelle: Nice to meet you too !! ~(^V^)~ Facebook page: Just for the fun:
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