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Calssara (Calssara)
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  • Philippines
    Hi!Guys..I'm Black from Concepcion Iloilo ..when I was a kid I like anime and manga..and when i was grown up and became 17 I decided to make my self as one of my favorite character at anime/manga.
  • Honduras
    Thanks for visiting my profile, I am a cosplayer from Honduras, I really enjoy portray my favorite characters. I am also member of the Scout Movement, pianist and gamer, fan of the Final Fantasy and Blazblue.
  • United States
    I'm Saturn, I live in Maryland and go to Maryland cons like Katsucon and Otakon. Tumblr:
  • Netherlands
  • Mexico
  • Peru
    Hi, I'm 「ARiA」, 「虎桜」,「Maurizio」,「Heine」And others names, I'm peruvian, well, nice to meet you, we will make friends ;) . どうぞよろしく。 FB: TW: -I can speak 4 idioms (Spanish, Italian, japanese, english) -私の学校はハイスクール軍 レオンシオ・プラド
  • Philippines
    Yo. The name's Shinra Aii. Noob cosplayer. A potato waiting for puberty to strike. HAHHAHA ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ Add me:
  • Philippines
    Hi~!! I am a cosplayer from Philippines and an enthusiast~ <3 (´・ω・`)。。 I love video games, manga and of course cosplaying (≧ω≦)b I've been cosplaying since 2009 and having friends in general within the community. As a hobbyist, I am happy to meet other fellow cosplayers from another country ^^ Nice to meet y'all! (´・ω・。)
  • China
  • Viet Nam
  • Malaysia
    HI,I'm WeiWei I'm a cosplayer from Malaysia I like singing, drawing & reading
  • United States
    ♥ Andrea ♥ "Dree" "Cube" ♥ 20 ♥ Kawaii cube companion♥ ☆Smile every day because you're prettiest when you're happy☆ ♥ art ♥ sewing ♥ anime ♥ cosplay ♥ cute things ♥
  • Chile
    hey everyone! I'm a cosplayer, makeup artist fx and VideoGamer n.n
  • Germany
    Hi there~ I'm Milu and I'm cosplaying for one and a half year now. I love it so much and I'm happy to meet so many friendly and lovely people! Deviantart: Tumblr: Please follow two of my best friends and me also on Facebook, if you want to. There we show our WIPs and our photoshootings too <3 Feel hugged :3
  • Hong Kong