Astarohime Koyu (Astarohime)
  • China
    大家好。我是INight,叫我小夜就行~是摄影新人!虽然没有什么比较好的作品。希望能认识更多的朋友! Hello everyone, I am is INight. I'm a photographer, But the technology is not very good to now. I hope to make many friends.   皆さんこんにちは、私の名前はINightであります、小夜と呼ばれるもいいですよ。私はカメラマンで、皆さによろしくお願いします! weibo:
  • Ecuador
    Hi i'm Rena :3 I'm an artist and designer from Ecuador and I love animals, anime and cosplay :3 you can visit my fb page :3
  • Philippines
    Hello everyone! I'm not a cosplayer. I'm just a fan who loves cosplay and cosers (´∀`)♡ I ♥ ANIME & COSPLAY. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu >///<
  • Japan
    I am SHUN,a photographer. My Works: Works BLOG: Weibo: ARCHIVE: 一緒に作品を作って頂けるレイヤーさん募集中です。 SHUN
  • Brazil
    PHOTOGRAPHER Visit my other pages
  • Hungary
    Hello! I'm a Hungarian cosplayer and artist. Making cosplays, props, stuff and thangs ;) I hope you can find inspiration in my photos. If you want some of it, yo can buy prints from my webshop, and find lots of jeweleries, geek things, and cosplays. Site and Webshop: Fb: DeviantArt: Pinterest: Instagram:
  • Brazil
    Cosplayer since 2005, Nintendo lover, cosplay lover! It's always nice to meet new people. I wish that you feel welcomed here :) You can also find me here: ▲‌ DeviantART: ▲‌ Facebook:!/pages/Rei-Suzuki/160765994001811 ▲‌ Instagram: ▲‌ YouTube: /
  • Singapore
    Hello! MOND here from Singapore! Very nice to meet you! I'm still very new to cosplay so please do guide me along! Facebook: Mond Licht Instagram: @mond_yue Cosplay Amino: MOND Twitter: @mond_yue
  • Russia
    Hello everyone! I'm a cosplayer from Moscow (Russia). I love travelling and meeting wonderful people. For more information about my cosplay and costume progress you may check out my other pages: ☆private fb page ☆ instagram ☆
  • United States
    Hello!! I'm a smol Filipino/American cosplayer! I hope you'll enjoy my cosplay! ( ◡‿◡ ♡) I also like to draw! ^^ ♡ PaigeeWorld: ♡ Facebook:
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • South Korea
    Hi~ I'm cosplayer Bandi. Nice to meet you~♥ Have a nice day
  • Japan
    Hi, i'm a little cosplayer in Japan;-) I often appear WF(Wonder Festival) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. My favorite series are ★Square Enix(Final Fantasy) ★Falcom(Legend of Heroes trails in the sky) ★Rozen Maiden ★Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon ★The Super Demention Fortress Macross-Macross series And moreXD Falcomやスクエニ等のゲームキャラや 黒ゴシック・ロック系衣装やロリータも好きです♪ 冬のワンフェス2016で無事 ローゼンメイデンから翠星石に、 相方の蒼星石と挑戦してきましたー\(^-^)/\(^-^)/!<33 コスする!ってなると相方はいつも 暁-Akira-ちゃんでーす(笑)
  • Peru
    Hello! I am Reila I'm cosplayer and cosmaker ╰☆╮ If you want you can find me on facebook ^^
  • Brazil